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It is our intention to address where possible, any shortcomings. However, it is not practical to cover the scope of every user's requirements. Therefore, no guarantee can be offered as to how the site will perform if you are using alternative browsers.


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It is not feasible to design a “one size fits all” website, and indeed if it were, it would seriously degrade the end result for everyone. However, we have attempted to cater for the great majority of users who will use the site. We understand the difference between the meaning of readable and legible, and that those definitions change according to the age of the eyes of the beholder. We are also aware of the viewing difficulties faced by the 8-10% of the male population who have red/green colour vision deficiency (commonly referred to as colour blindness).

With the above points in mind, we have tried to ensure that the text fonts and sizes have been selected to obey the first rule of print, that of readability. Colours selected were found to be acceptable to both those persons with normal colour vision, and those with red/green colour vision deficiency. Care has also been taken with other elements, and most if not all graphics should have an “alt” text tooltip element to them, so that graphics can be identified by text reading software used by the visually impaired.

You may find it necessary to download and install some additional (free) software, or updates to your existing versions, in order to experience multimedia on this site. Links to the appropriate download locations are:

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