Take pride in your Society membership. Get a free (to subscriptions-paid members) iomastronomy.org e-mail address.


How it works ~ The iomastronomy.org email address is an automatic forwarder. You need to already own, a current working e-mail address. This is the destination to which your iomastronomy.org e-mail will be forwarded.


Number of addresses ~ If you joined the Society as an individual, you are entitled to one address. Family membership entitles you to four e-mail addresses, plus one for each additional family member paid for over and above the initial four.


Choice of name ~ Choose the name(s) you wish to appear before @iomastronomy.org. For names other than your membership name, your choice should fall within the boundaries of generally accepted polite usage. Your choice must not detract in any way from the objectives of the Society. The final decision on acceptability lies with the webmaster.


How do I apply? ~ Click here and add the name(s) you wish to use into the newly opened e-mail.

Before you click on Send, remember to remove the full point (.) after webmaster and replace this with an @ symbol. This is an unfortunate, but necessary measure, to counter automated e-mail harvesters.


You will in due course receive an e-mail confirmation that your selected e-mail address is active. This is not an automated response service, so the interval between request and confirmation may possibly take a day or two.