Another free service as part of

your Society membership


There will be occasions, where an unscheduled astronomical or atmospheric event takes place in the sky. Events, such as an aurora, very often make only a brief appearance before disappearing.


The Society offers as part of your membership, an SMS alert service to your mobile phone. With an SMS alert, you are more likely to have the opportunity to witness such transitory occurrences.


This service carries no guarantee. It depends initially upon at least one member reporting the event to the webmaster on +44 (0)7624 491414. Once reported, the automated alert service will be activated remotely and SMS registered members will receive an appropriate alert. Normally, the SMS alerts should be received within a 5-15 minutes window of the initial notification.


If you have a mobile phone, and would like to be added to the Event Notification List, click here.

Remember to replace the first full point in the e-mail address with an @ symbol.

This ‘feature’ is to disrupt automated e-mail harvesters.


There is no cost to yourself for receiving such notifications.