The Isle of Man Astronomical Society
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Nicole Stott becomes the first Isle of Man Astronomical Society member to launch to the International Space Station on board STS128 at 04:59am BST on Saturday, 29th August 2009.

The Isle of Man Astronomical Society inaugural meeting commenced at 8pm on Thursday, 25th May 1989 at the Creg-ny-Baa Hotel. Founder members were John Place (who became Chairman), Mike Kelly (who became Secretary), Gary Kewin, Howard Parkin, James Martin, Shirley Martin, Tom Kaneen and Angela Bridson.

Neil Armstrong, first human to STEP onto the Moon's surface at 02:56 UT on Monday, 21st July 1969.

Apollo 11, the first manned spacecraft to LAND upon the Moon at 20:18 UT on Sunday, 20th July 1969.

Lunik 9, first soft landing and first photos from the Moon on Sunday, 3rd February 1966.

Yuri Gagarin, first human launched into space on 13:07 UT 12th April 1961.

Lunik 3, first photographs of the far side of the Moon on Sunday 4th October 1959.

Lunik 2, first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon on 14th September 1959.

Sputnik, first orbital satellite introduces the Space Age at 14:29 UT on Friday, 4th October 1957.


The Sky at Night, introduces Patrick Moore to the world at 10.30pm BST Wednesday, 24th April 1957.