Compared to Mann

Manannan Crater, Europa
(named after Manannan, the Celtic god of the sea, and often spoken of in Manx folk lore)

Sponsored by ManSat, NASA Planetary Scientist Dr Paul Schenk from the Lunar and Planetary Institute visited the Isle of Man during June 2012. His visit included a lecture at Ballakermeen High School to children from the Island's five secondary schools, and later, a public lecture was held at the Manx Museum Lecture Theatre in Douglas. At these events, he revealed the reasons for his particular interest in Crater Manannan.

You can see some of Dr Schenk's 3D topography work on Crater Manannan in this video.

For further reading about Europa the moon, click here, and for folk lore history click here.

Below you will find images of Europa and its relative size to both its host planet Jupiter, and to the Isle of Man.

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