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 Astronomy organisations   ^ 

UK flag icon BAA British Astronomical Association
UK flag icon FAS Federation of Astronomical Societies
UK flag icon RAS Royal Astronomical Society
UK flag icon SHA Society for the History of Astronomy
UK flag icon The British Interplanetary Society
UK flag icon The Spaceguard Centre & Observatory UK's only organisation for adressing Near Earth Object hazards
UK flag icon UKARAnet UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network
AAVSO American Association of Variable Star Observers
ALPO Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
IAU International Astronomical Union
IOPW International Outer Planet Watch
IOTA International Occultation Timing Association
IOTA The Planetary Society

 General astronomy   ^ 

Wikipedia source Amateur Astronomy What is it all about?
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Mapping the Universe
APOD Astronomy Picture of the Day
PlanetQuest The search for another Earth
Astro Dictionary Exactly what it says!
Hubblesite NASA's space telescope
Heavens-Above ISS and other satellite tracking info
Space Weather Sun-Earth environment information Solar info: Amateur Radio Stn. VE3EN
NASA's Eclipse Website Solar and lunar eclipse data
The Nine 8 Planets Tour of the Solar System
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Fireball Reports
Killer Asteroids science fiction or science fact
Solarviews Views of the Solar System 'Skymaps ~ The downloads page
Shadow & Substance Astronomical animations
Atmospheric Optics
Archaeo-astronomy from the dawn of human history
History of Astronomy People, places and further info
Astronomy Quotes

Laser Pointer Safety Safe, responsible laser use

 Observatories   ^ 

Wikipedia icon List of Astronomical Observatories

UK flag icon Royal Observatory Greenwich
UK flag icon Royal Observatory Edinburgh
UK flag icon Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics
UK flag icon Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
UK flag icon Armagh Observatory
IAU Observatory Codes Includes IoM Observatory

 Physics laboratories   ^ 

UK flag icon National Physical Laboratory
UK flag icon Boulby Underground Laboratory

 Remote control telescopes   ^ 

UK flag icon Bradford Robotic Telescope
UK flag icon Faulkes Telescope
UK flag icon Tate in Space
Slooh Space Camera

 Astronomical pronunciation   ^ 
 (not necessarily UK English) 

UK flag icon Pronouncing Stars & Constellations
A Skywatcher's Pronunciation Guide
'Starry Night' Audio Pronunciation

 Astro-photography   ^ 

WebCam Astronomy
Catching the Light
Astro-photography timeline

 Notable astro-photographers   ^ 

UK flag icon Damian Peach Views of the Solar System
UK flag icon Pete Lawrence Digital Sky
UK flag icon Ian Sharp Astro Sharp
UK flag icon Gordon Rogers The Crendon Observatory
Thierry Legault

 Space videos   ^ Superb historical collection video
European Space Agency space in videos

 Who did what in the world of   ^
 astronomy and astrophysics? 

Wikipedia source Astronomers and Astrophysicists

      ... and a British focus below

Wikipedia source UK flag icon Thomas Harriot 1560-1621
Wikipedia source UK flag icon William Crabtree1 1610-1644
Wikipedia source UK flag icon William Gascoigne1 1612-1644
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Jeremiah Horrocks1 1618-1641
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Christopher Wren 1632-1723
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Isaac Newton 1643-1727
Wikipedia source UK flag icon John Flamsteed 1646-1719
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Edmund Halley 1656-1742
Wikipedia source UK flag icon William Herschel 1738-1822
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Caroline Herschel 1750-1848
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Thomas Henderson 1798-1844
Wikipedia source UK flag icon William Lassell 1799-1880
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir George Airy 1801-1892
Wikipedia source UK flag icon John Couch Adams 1819-1892
Wikipedia source UK flag icon William Huggins 1824-1910
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Norman Lockyer 1836-1920
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Arthur S. Eddington 1882-1944
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Bernard Lovell 1913-2012
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Fred Hoyle 1915-2001
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin 1900-1979
Wikipedia source UK flag icon E. Margaret Burbidge 1919-
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Patrick Moore 1923-2012
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Roger Penrose 1931-
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Stephen W. Hawking 1942-
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Colin Pillinger 1943-2014
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Jocelyn Bell Burnell 1943-

1 Members of "nos Keplari", a group of astronomers from the North of England who represent the birth of modern astronomy in Britain. They were the first people to truly grasp the scale of the Solar System.

 Interactive night sky   ^ Explore the Milky Way in any wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum
Google Sky
Microsoft WorldWide Telescope
Solar System Scope

 Citizen science   ^ 

SETI@home Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Classify galaxies Zooniverse
Explore the Moon Zooniverse
Solar Stormwatch Zooniverse
Planet hunters Zooniverse
The Milky Way project Zooniverse
Explore the surface of Mars Zooniverse
Spacewarps Zooniverse

 Astro simulations   ^ 

Azimuth/Altitude demo
Longitude/Latitude demo
Celestial-Equatorial (RA/Dec) demo
Sun's Position on Horizon
The Plough 3D
Seasons Simulator (NAAP)
Lunar Phase Vocabulary
Three Views Simulator
Moon Inclination
Tidal Bulge Simulation
Phases of Venus
Retrograde Motion
Centre of Mass Simulator

 Online calculations   ^ 

CalSky The Calculated Sky for your observing site
Sun/moon times Sunrise/set and Moonrise/set times
Rise/Set/Transit Times for Solar System objects
Current Moon What the Moon looks like now
Day and night Day and night across the Earth
Saturn Ring Angle Calculate & display Saturn's ring angle
Solar System Live Current planetary position display
Jupiter's moons Location and identification
Nearest stars 3D map within 16 light years
Magnetic field Declination calculator
Compute Local Apparent Sidereal Time
The World Clock Times across the globe
Earth Impact Effects Asteroid impact calculator
The Scale of the Universe Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime
If the Moon were only 1 pixel A tediously accurate map of the Solar System
Astronomy animations
Astronomical distance conversion
Get Lat Lon Find Lat. and Lon. of a point on a map
Convert co-ordinates
Convert addresses to/from Long./Lat.
Day of week calculator
Field of view calculator Imaging and visual options A collection of useful, free astronomy tools

 Software downloads   ^ 

Stellarium full-featured planetarium & telescope control
Celestia space simulation
Registax image stacking for the astrophotographer
Google Earth including Google Sky, Mars, and Moon
Virtual Moon Atlas including telescope control
Astrotips all & only software for amateur astronomers
'Scope calc. NOTE: MS Excel 2003 or later required

 Apps   ^ 

Star WalkTM iPhone
Scope Nights iPhone
Night Sky Tools Android
SkEye Android
Google Sky Maps Android
Astro Panel Android
NASA Android
Phases of the Moon Android
Jupiter Simulator Android
Satellite AR Android
Auroral Forecast Android
Pocket Stars Windows Mobile

 The "how to" of astronomy   ^ 

Astronomy & Nature TV A wealth of information and instruction from the Scopes 'n' Skies team. The videos below are but a small sample of the total.

Stargazing Getting started
Using the Philips Planisphere A tutorial
The Human Eye A user guide for astronomers
New binocular? Getting started
Collimating your reflecting telescope in just a few minutes
Using Barlow lenses with your telescope
Filters Enhancing lunar observation
Astrophotography with German equatorial mounts
Attaching an SLR camera to your Newtonian 'scope
Filters Enhancing lunar observation
Safe solar observing Accessories
Why is the image upside down?
Observing planets Getting the best views
Using setting circles
Binocular viewing versus the single eye
Powering your telescope

So you think you've seen the Moon?
There's a reason why the Moon was Sir Patrick Moore's favourite

 Isle of Man personal websites   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Kevin Deakes Astrophotography

 Astronomy and space blogs   ^ 

Bad Astronomy Blog
Astronomy Blog
Professor Astronomy
Space Politics Because sometimes the most important...

 Compared to Mann   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon The IU (Island Unit)
Isle of Man flag icon Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
Isle of Man flag icon Asteroid ~ 99942 Apophis (2004 MN4)
Isle of Man flag icon Manannan Crater, Europa

 Astronomy forums   ^ 

UK flag icon Society for Popular Astronomy Forum
UK flag icon Stargazers Lounge
UK flag icon Astronomy Shed Forum
UK flag icon N. Ireland Amat. Astro. Soc. Forum
Nights forum
Astronomy Cloudymagazine forum

 Light pollution awareness   ^ 

UK flag icon The Campaign for Dark Skies
UK flag icon Campaign to Protect Rural England
UK flag icon Dark Sky Discovery
International Dark-Sky Association
Save the night in Europe

      ... and some videos

Losing the Dark International Dark Skies Association
Cities from Space International Dark Skies Association
Arthur C Clarke speaks out on light pollution
Light Pollution from the Hidden Costs Series

 Astro e-Books   ^ 

Hubble Space Telescope DISCOVERIES
178 MB PDF download

James Webb Space Telescope SCIENCE GUIDE
101 MB PDF download

 Online magazine & news sources   ^ 

UK flag icon Astronomy Now
UK flag icon BBC Sky at Night Magazine
UK flag icon Society for Popular Astronomy
UK flag icon The Astronomer
Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Night Sky Observer
Sky & Telescope
Universe Today
Space Daily
Spaceflight Now
Space Today

 Science magazines   ^ 

UK flag icon New Scientist
National Geographic
Scientific American
World Science Online only

 Astronomy book sources   ^ 

UK flag icon
UK flag icon Blackwells
UK flag icon Canopus Publishing
UK flag icon Amazon (appropriately filtered link)
UK flag icon WHSmith (appropriately filtered link)
UK flag icon eBay (appropriately filtered link)

 Education   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Astronomy courses Isle of Man College
UK flag icon Astronomy by Distance Learning
UK flag icon GCSE Astronomy Dist. Learning
UK flag icon Space School UK University of Leicester
UK flag icon Scottish Space School University of Strathclyde
United Space School Houston, Texas

 Sundials and other astronomical   ^ 
 measuring instruments 

Wikipedia source History of sundials
UK flag icon The British Sundial Society
UK flag icon Sundials on the internet
Wikipedia source Astrolabe
Wikipedia source Orrery
Armillary sphere
Sundial Design Vertical sundial calculator

 Young / junior astronomer   ^ 

NASA Kids' Club
ESA Kids
Astronomy for Kids "and Supervised Adults"
Kids Astronomy
Space Games Central

 Atmospherics   ^ 

POES Auroral Activity Northern auroral oval
UK flag icon AuroraWatch UK Lancaster University
UK flag icon AuroraSpy Aurora tracking, based in Scotland
UK flag icon Atmospheric Optics
UK flag icon Noctilucent Cloud Observer's homepage

 Climate change   ^ 

Global Climate Change
NASA's Vital signs of the planet

Climate change
United Nations Environment Programme

UK flag icon MET Office
National Climate Information Centre

 British Isles pre-historic sites   ^ 
 with astronomical connections

UK flag icon Newgrange County Meath, Ireland
UK flag icon Stonehenge Wiltshire, England
UK flag icon Maeshowe Orkney, Scotland

 Archeoastronomy   ^ 

UK flag icon Ancient Wisdom
UK flag icon Clive Ruggles Emeritus Professor of Archaeoastronomy, University of Leicester
ISAAC International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture

 Seismology and geology   ^ 

Quakes Live earthquakes map across the globe
USGS US Geological Survey ~ Last 7 days of earthquakes
UK flag icon BGS British Geological Soc. ~ Last 50 days of earthquakes
Isle of Man flag icon Manx Geological Survey Explore rocks of Mann
Isle of Man flag icon Rockwave Measure 'quakes from your own home
Barringer meteorite crater, Arizona
Meteor impact craters 50 asteroid impact sites

 Standards & measures   ^ 

SI units The seven fundamental units and their derivatives
NIST National Institute of Science and Technology
UK flag icon NPL National Physical Laboratory
Isle of Man flag icon IoM OFT Metrology & Calibration
Dynamic Periodic Table
Measuring the Universe
Wikipedia source Time

 Astro webcams   ^ 

UK flag icon Jodrell Bank, Lovell Telescope
UK flag icon Jodrell Bank, Mk II Telescope
Tanegashima Space Center Japan
Mauna Kea webcams Hawaii
Lick Observatory University of California
Mount Wilson 150ft solar tower
Tenerife Observatory-Cam Bradford robotic 'scope
AuroraMAX Canadian Space Agency
Night Skies Network Amateur astronomers broadcasting

 Television / radio / podcasts   ^ 

NASA TV (streamed via internet)
UK flag icon BBC Sky @ Night (info and programme times)
UK flag icon BBC Stargazing Live (annual short series)
UK flag icon Under British Skies, monthly
UK flag icon Jodcast from University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank
UK flag icon DigiGuide TV Search facility for TV programmes

 The presenters   ^ 

      ... the Sky at Night team
UK flag icon Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE
UK flag icon Dr. Chris Lintott
UK flag icon Dr. Chris North
UK flag icon Dr. Lucie Green
UK flag icon Dr. Paul Abel
UK flag icon Jon Culshaw
UK flag icon Pete Lawrence

      ... other TV presenters
UK flag icon Prof. Brian Cox OBE
UK flag icon Prof. Jim Al-Khalili OBE
UK flag icon Heather Couper CBE
UK flag icon Will Gater
UK flag icon Kate Humble
          (BBC: Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey)

UK flag icon Prof. Iain Stewart
          (BBC: How Earth Made Us)

Dr. Michio Kaku
          (Discovery: How the Universe Works)

      ... the Legends
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS FRAS
Wikipedia source Carl Sagan

 Miscellaneous   ^ 

NASA Spinoff How NASA has contributed to humanity
Zero G Corporation the weightless experience
Isle of Man flag icon CVI Melles Griot Optics parts for Mars Curiosity
UK flag icon UK Rocketry Association
UK flag icon National Space Centre Leicester
UK flag icon Spaceport Wallasey, Wirral
Space Toys

 Countdowns... & ups   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Forthcoming astro event times
from an Isle of Man perspective for celestial timings
Time elapsed since astro/space event
Organised events/meetings

 Space agencies   ^ 

Wikipedia icon List of National Space Agencies

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Roscosmos Russia Space Agency
ESA European Space Agency
JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
CNSA China National Space Agency
ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation
UK flag icon UK Space Agency

 Space stations, past and present   ^ 

Wikipedia icon List of all space stations past and present

ISS International Space Station
Tiangong First stage of large space station

 Space missions, past and present   ^ 

Wikipedia icon All NASA missions, since its inception in 1958

NASA missions Full list of all current NASA missions
Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan
NASA's Mars Exploration Program
Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory
Dawn Journey to the asteroid belt
Kepler A search for habitable planets
New Horizons First spacecraft to Pluto

 Apollo   ^ 

We choose the Moon
John F. Kennedy Presidiential Library and Museum

First Men on the Moon
Relive the 20th July 1969 as never before

NASA - Apollo Mission pages
BBC - Special Reports Apollo Moon landing
BBC Archve Looking back to NASA's Apollo missions
Wikipedia source Apollo program
An Audience with Neil Armstrong
hosted by Alex Malley, CPA Australia

Isle of Man flag icon Apollo 15 Moon rock sample
Exhibition: Out of this world at the House of Manannan
Video: Display of Moon rock returned by Apollo 15 mission (7MB)

 Spaceflight   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon ManSat Orbital satellite filings
Isle of Man flag icon Odyssey Moon Commerical lunar exploration
Isle of Man flag icon SpaceIsle The Isle of Man's Space Industry home
Isle of Man flag icon Excalibur Almaz Private space tourism company
UK flag icon Virgin Galactic British space tourism company
UK flag icon Starchaser British commercial space launch company
Arianespace French commercial space launch company
Galileo Europe's new SatNav system
Blue Origin Innovation in rocket engineering
RussianSpaceWeb News and history (former USSR)
World Spaceflight Every manned flight since Yuri
The Lost Cosmonauts A story from the early days

 Space Shuttle missions   ^ 

Wikipedia icon List of space shuttle missions

Isle of Man flag icon STS-128 Nicole Stott, mission specialist; IoMAS memb.
Isle of Man flag icon STS-133 Nicole Stott, mission specialist; IoMAS memb.

 Who has been into space?   ^ 

Wikipedia icon List of all space travellers

Isle of Man flag icon Nicole Stott Isle of Man Astronomical Society member
Isle of Man flag icon Mark Shuttleworth Isle of Man resident
Isle of Man flag icon Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, and on Mann
Isle of Man flag icon Alan Shepard walked on the Moon, and on Mann
Isle of Man flag icon Jim Irwin walked on the Moon, and on Mann
Isle of Man flag icon Al Worden orbited the Moon and walked on Mann
Isle of Man flag icon Michael Barratt visited the IoM Observatory
Isle of Man flag icon Eric Boe visited the IoM Observatory
Isle of Man flag icon Steve Bowen visited the IoM Observatory
Isle of Man flag icon Valeri Tokarev visited the IoM Observatory
Isle of Man flag icon Dumitru Prunariu visited the IoM Obsevatory
Isle of Man flag icon Vladimir Titov visited the Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Leroy Chiao visited the Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Kenneth Cockrell visited the Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Alvin Drew visited the Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon James Kelly visited the Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Helen Sharman visited the Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Yi So-Yeon visited the Isle of Man

Wikipedia source UK flag icon Michael Foale
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Piers Sellers
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Nicholas Patrick
Wikipedia source UK flag icon Gregory H. Johnson

  Youtube icon Astro Youtube   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Space Mann Short Documentry
by Howard Parkin, IoMAS Chairman and owner of AstroManx

Isle of Man flag icon Nicole P. Stott NASA astronaut and IoMAS member
Mars Curiosity Rover
International Space Station
Apollo 11 Mankind's historic first journey to another world

 RSS feeds icon Astro RSS feeds   ^ 

NASA RSS feeds A wide and varied selection from
the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

ESA RSS feeds Lots to choose from, including language selection from the European Space Agency
JAXA RSS feeds Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Universe Today Latest news headlines

  Twitter icon Astro Twitter   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Isle of Man Astronomical Society
Isle of Man flag icon Astro_Nicole NASA astronaut and IoMAS member
UK flag icon Chris Lintott
Official NASA Twitter accounts
Mars Curiosity Rover

  Facebook icon Astro Facebook   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Nicole P. Stott NASA astronaut and IoMAS member
UK flag icon Prof. Brian Cox Particle physicist and astronomer
Mars Curiosity Rover

  flickr icon Astro Flickr   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Nicole P. Stott NASA astronaut and IoMAS member
Isle of Man flag icon JCK Space Station Transport Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Aurora by Dave Thornley Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Milky Way Isle of Man
Isle of Man flag icon Halo Isle of Man

 IoM/UK/EU online astro retailers   ^ 

UK flag icon 365 Astronomy Discovery for every day
UK flag icon Ace Optics
UK flag icon Altair Astro
UK flag icon AstroBitz Trading place
UK flag icon Astro Engineering
UK flag icon Astromount
UK flag icon astronomiser
UK flag icon Atik Cameras
UK flag icon AWR Technology
UK flag icon Best Optics
UK flag icon Binoculars UK
UK flag icon Cheap Astrophotography Astro-modified EOS
UK flag icon David Hinds CELESTRON
UK flag icon David Lukehurst Astronomical telescope maker
UK flag icon Telescopes and Binoculars
UK flag icon East of England Binocular Centre
UK flag icon Equatorial Platforms for Dobsonians
UK flag icon First Light Optics
UK flag icon Foresight Optical
UK flag icon Galloway Astronomy Centre
UK flag icon Harrison Telescopes UK telescope specialists
UK flag icon HitecAstro
UK flag icon Ikarus Imaging
UK flag icon Modern Astronomy
North Down Telescopes Ireland's Astron. Centre
UK flag icon Northern Optics
UK flag icon Optical Vision Ltd
UK flag icon Orion Optics UK
UK flag icon Opticstar advanced CCD imaging
UK flag icon Paton Hawksley Education Ltd
UK flag icon Peak 2 Valley Instruments
UK flag icon Phil Dyer Astrophoto Cameras for astronomy
Isle of Man flag icon PicStop
UK flag icon Rockets and Things Visual Optical Centre
UK flag icon Rother Valley Optics Visual Optical Centre
UK flag icon Science Store
UK flag icon Scientific Mirrors Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors
UK flag icon Sherwoods
UK flag icon Sky at Night Reader Classifieds
UK flag icon Sky's the Limit
Isle of Man flag icon Solarscope Prestige hydrogen-alpha solar filters
UK flag icon South West Optics
UK flag icon Starlight Xpress Discovery starts here
UK flag icon Stockport binocular & telescope centre
UK flag icon Strathspey Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price
UK flag icon Sussex Astronomy Centre
UK flag icon Telescope House
UK flag icon Tring Astronomy Centre
UK flag icon UK Astronomy Buy & Sell Trading place
UK flag icon UK Telescopes - Evergreen Optics
UK flag icon Warehouse Express
UK flag icon The Widescreen Centre

 Astro tours / holidays   ^ 

Explorers - Astronomy Tours

 Astronomy and space humour   ^ 

Isle of Man flag icon Island Space Launch? Some light entertainment
The key to the problem
The Galaxy Song Monty Python's Meaning of Life
... and the Galaxy DNA Song re-worked and written by Eric Idle for Brian Cox's The Wonders of Life
Gangnam reaches NASA A new PSYence perhaps?
NASA satellite falls on car Where else?
John Culshaw as Patrick Moore
    and singing / playing Firestarter

Patrick Moore plays the xylophone