Virtual tours



To the right is a plan approximation of the outside of the Observatory, which is orientated as indicated by True North. The ‘protractors’ indicate the positions from which the views are taken.


If you are broadband connected, then try downloading the 360 degree postcard panoramas. Though large files, viewing them at full screen size is worth the wait, particularly for ‘zooming in’.


For modem dialup surfers, the Observatory roof Lo (97KB) and the ground view Lo (37KB) 360 degree panoramas will download quickly.


Observatory external plan view


360 degree postcard panorama roof view:

Hi (3.97MB), Med (845KB)


360 degree postcard panorama ground view:

Hi (4.4MB), Med (526KB)





Note: The four links below are not yet active as the necessary photographs have yet to be taken.



There are four 90 degree panoramas taken from inside the Observatory.


1 Inside the Dome with telescope


2 View from NE of Meeting Room


3 View from SE of Meeting Room


4 View from SW of Meeting Room

Observatory internal plan view