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The next lunar eclipse visible from the Isle of Man occurs on the 28th September 2015. As seen from the Isle of Man, the umbral shadow enters the Moon's disc at 01.07h with the Moon at an altitude of 34°. Totality begins at 02.11h with the Moon at 30° altitude. Mid totality is at 02.47h with the Moon at 28° high. Totality ending at 03.23h. The umbra shadow leaves the lunar disc at 04.27h.

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 The last lunar eclipse visible from the Isle of Man occurred on the 25th April 2013. This was a partial eclipse.  The maximum umbral eclipse occurred at 20h07m30s and covered only cover 1.5% of the lunar disc. As  seen from the Isle of Man, the Moon was low on the horizon but there was cloud on the horizon making  viewing difficult. Dave Storey obtained some images just past the time of maximum.
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A total lunar eclipse, visible from the Isle of Man occurred on 21st December 2010. Unfortunately, the weather on the island was poor with lots of cloud cover. Only two reports of some observation of the eclipse were reported. Graham Gordon was able to see the very beginning of the start of the eclipse but by the time totality had arrived, he was totally clouded out. Similarly, Glyn Marsh was able to get some views of the beginning of the eclipse through gaps in the cloud. Through a finder telescope he was able to see some dark areas of red colour developing. Alas, the cloud eventually covered the sky and obscured everything!

The umbral phase of the eclipse started at 06.32:37 when the moon was be 15° above the horizon and setting. Totality started at 07.40:47 when the moon had dropped down to 6.4° above the horizon. The sky would have become bright as dawn arrived and the moon set at 08.48h still in the total phase.
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On the last day of 2009, the moon went into a small partial eclipse. At maximum, it was covered by only 8%
of the Earth's shadow. December had two Full Moons, so this eclipse also occurred upon the face of a
Blue Moon!

Image by Malcolm Lambert. Port Erin. Isle of Man. 18.57h UT

The first and only lunar eclipse visible from the Island in 2007 occurred on 3rd March.
Below, imaged by Dave Storey, is a montage of the event.

The last lunar eclipse of 2006 visible from the Isle of Man took place on the evening of Thursday, 7th September, (as seen in this animation of the event, 600KB). No one really expected much from this event, as the eclipse was only a small % partial eclipse; occurring at moonrise from the IoM. As chance would have it, this date coincided with our "first Thursday in the month" meeting, the first time since the observatory was constructed that an eclipse has occurred on a club night. A glance outside when this event was mentioned by our Chairman during his address, resulted in a complete stoppage of the meeting, for the view was truly spectacular for a partial eclipse.

A number of members had binoculars with them that night, so quite some while was spent outside observing the phenomenon. Unknown to the majority, Dave Storey was his usual prepared self, taking photos with his digital camera. When we all trooped back into the meeting room, Dave had already prepared the images from his camera ready for us to view on the data projector! What an astronomer!

And below is the primary picture that Dave took on the night, for your edification.

The Microsoft Spreadsheet links below detail all lunar eclipses for the past 50 and future 50 or so years. They require Office 97 or later, but if you do not have that software, you can download a free Excel Viewer (for Windows PCs) from Microsoft. The four files have been modified to default to the latitude and longitude of the Isle of Man Observatory. All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Credit is detailed accordingly within the spreadsheets, Some of the information presented in these tables is based on data originally published in Fifty Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses: 1986 - 2035.

Lunar Eclipses: 1951 - 1975 (Excel File - 128 KB)

Lunar Eclipses: 1976 - 2000 (Excel File - 124 KB)

Lunar Eclipses: 2001 - 2025 (Excel File - 124 KB)

Lunar Eclipses: 2026 - 2050 (Excel File - 124 KB)