Mark Shuttleworth

 Born 18th September 1973, Welkom, Orange Free State, South Africa.


 Mark Shuttleworth is resident on the Island and is therefore a permanent visitor!

 Dave Storey met him on the top of Snaefell Mountain during a Pie-in-the-Sky event in 2011. Dave was  doing an astronomy presentation and on the projection screen was a view of the Earth through the space  station window. Dave was at the bar getting a glass of water before he started his talk and Mark came up  to him and casually remarked that the image on the screen was exactly how it looks from the space  station. Dave said the image was from Nicole Stott and he replied that he has seen the same as well when  he was there! Dave not realizing who Mark was then inquired if he was an astronaut which he replied yes  and explained about his trip to the ISS. Dave asked if he was visiting the Island and he replied, "No, I live  here"! Now Dave, not being too knowledgeable about astronauts living on the Island was curious and when  he got home, he Googled Mark Shuttleworth and found to his great surprise that he had indeed met a real  astronaut! Amazing. So, if someone comes up to you and says they have been to space, it may be true!


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