Compared to Mann

Scaled Solar System
(overlaid on the Island using Google Maps and Google Earth)

Links to Island models below are based upon a Sun-scaled diameter of 24 inches (60.96 cm). See scaling used here.
Create your own Solar System model, choosing location, units and scale here, or simply select one of the options below.
These will open in their own window, with controls that allow you to switch on and off orbits as you desire.

Isle of Man Observatory | Douglas | Ramsey | Castletown | Peel | Port Erin | Port St Mary

The image may take a few seconds to download with all the orbital information. Once complete, you can choose from "Map - Sat - Ter - Earth".
The map below is centred upon the Isle of Man Observatory. View larger map with controls to switch on and off displayed orbits.

With many thanks to Keith Enevoldsen's Think Zone website and the Solar System Scale Model Calculator,
without which this page would not have been possible.

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